Friday, February 5, 2016

Be engaged

February is Black History Month, a celebration of African American culture and its enormous contributions to the United States and the world. We must never take for granted—nor take lightly—our opportunities to stand up for and act upon our beliefs in a way that will promote positive results. Through courageous advocacy, great things can be accomplished.

Black History Month serves as a reminder of that simple but profound fact.

Whether it is participating in the electoral process by supporting your candidate for president of the United States, advocating for increased investment for our universities, or simply volunteering in your community, each of us can be involved in shaping the future of our nation, our Commonwealth, and our universities. Don’t pass up that opportunity.

Our universities are bursting at the seams with exceptional men and women who are eager to help improve the lives of others, both on- and off-campus. Day in and day out, our students, faculty, and staff give back to the communities that are such gracious hosts for our universities. That campus and civic engagement is what makes State System universities such great places in which to live, learn, and work.

We all must recognize and appreciate the privileges and opportunities afforded to us as a result of the dreams and determination of individuals who came before. And it all begins with being engaged. Your words, your actions, and your influence matter.