Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Supporting our students’ success

At commencement ceremonies held all across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania this past weekend, nearly 17,000 students became alumni of our 14 State System universities. More than 80 percent of those will remain here to live, work, and raise their families—making them vitally important to Pennsylvania’s economic future. To each and every one, we say, “Congratulations!”

The education that our graduates received at their universities—both inside and outside of the classroom—has prepared them for success in the future. As they succeed, so will our state. As they thrive, so will our state. We need their knowledge and expertise to drive the economy of Pennsylvania and to create a foundation that future graduates can ultimately build upon.

So how do we continue to support our students’ success?

That’s easy. Give them the tools and resources they need to reach their greatest potentials. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to that purpose, and we are working now to secure more state funding as part of that equation. The State System generates $11 in positive economic impact for every one dollar invested by the Commonwealth. That’s an investment that will benefit us all.

On Saturday, I saw firsthand the great things our students can achieve. Those freshly minted graduates are optimistic about what lies ahead. Not only do they want to build a greater future for themselves and their families, but also to help shape the success of our state moving forward. They are ready and prepared for the next chapter, and I know their spirit and courage can show us all why the affordable, high-quality education provided by the State System is worth the investment of time and treasure.